Discover a new resource to introduce the 12 steps of recovery to children that you, too, will throughly enjoy

12 Steps 12 Stories Spiritual Messages of Recovery for Children and the Child in You

This collection of stories includes:

  • Highly Relevant Educational material: provides new insight on an often challenging topic
  • Simplified examples of complex issues: alleviates confusion about recovery for children of all ages
  • A variety of humanized characters: adds a gentle depth of meaning to each steps
  • A follow up guide: promotes conversation with children and include them in the process
  • Captivating artwork: offers a visual reference for your child’s imagination
  • Spiritually based material: helps create more inner contentment, peace and comfort in your home.

Did you know Addiction is America’s number one health care and health cost problem? The affects of this disease on the entire family, community and country are considerable.

Fortunately, recent statistics state 23.5 million people with an addiction problem do enter a 12 step program in search of recovery. While this is cause for great celebration, often adults find discussing this topic with children a challenge.

You are not alone

Many families struggle to explore the steps of recovery with children. This comment from Jackie C, a member of Al-anon, seems to sum up the predicament many families feel.

“We just felt tired and frustrated searching for ways to inform our children about recovery. They often hear me and my husband use the slogans and talk about the steps. We regularly attend meetings, but they do not understand what we are learning. We can’t seem to find the right material or words to communicate with them about this.”

Now you can have access to an insightful and entertaining collection of stories to explore the spiritual messages in recovery

You will be able to:

*introduce the 12 key components in a recovery based lifestyle

*communicate on a child’s level

*alleviate the confusion children often feel

*encourage children to talk openly

*share your most precious resource: time with children

Here’s what people who are using my resource have to say

“Every once in a while you come across a well crafted book that improves the lives of all who read them. I am thrilled with the dedication and commitment to excellence Debra demonstrates in her original compilation of recovery stories”(Kate A)

“12 Steps 12 Stories is an incredibly valuable resource for families, educators and treatment professionals.”(Jenny W)

“A delightful addition to the reading material in my own 12 step program.” (Natasha)

This is a powerful tool to aide in the recovery of the entire family.

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