Books for Kids

Books for Kids

Alateen-Hope for Children of Alcoholics. 1600 Corporate Landing Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA: 23454 Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.

Alcohol: What It Is, What It Does. Seixas, Judith S. Greenwillow Books, New York, NY, 1979.

An Elephant in the Living Room: Hastings and Typpo; Hazelden

The Beamer Series. Tom Drennon and Jerry Moe. Rancho Mirage, California: Betty Ford Center, 2008. Beamer faces many challenges due to addiction in his family. In this series of four booklets, each containing three chapters, Beamer learns that he’s not alone and addiction is not his fault.

Bottles Break. Nancy María Grande Tabor Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge Publishing, 1999. This book is about parents who are absorbed in drinking and how the young narrator feels about it. Also available in Spanish, Botellas Se Rompe.

The Brown Bottle. Penny James, Hazelden, 1983.

The Children’s Place. At the Heart of Recovery, Jerry Moe and Ross Ziegler, 1998.

Daddy Doesn’t Have To Be A Giant Anymore. Thomas, Jane Rest, Clarion Books, New York, NY, 1996.

Dear Kids of Alcoholics. Hall, Lindsey and Leigh Cohn, Gurze Books, Carlsbad, CA, 1988.

Don’t Hurt Me, Mama. Stanek, Muriel, Albert Whitmen, and Co., Niles, IL, 1983.

Emmy’s Question. Jeannine Auth. St. Augustine, Florida: Morningtide Press, 2007. The powerful story of a young girl’s struggle with parental alcoholism.

Gracie’s Secret, Lorelie Rozzana, Edgewood Publishing,2014

I Can Be Me: A Helping Book for Children of Alcoholic Parents, Ed. D Dianne S O’Connor, 2009

I Wish Daddy Didn’t Drink So Much. Vigna, Judith, Albert Whitman and Co., Niles, IL.

Kids’ Power Too! Words To Grow By. Cathey Brown, Elizabeth D’Angelo LaPorte and Jerry Moe. Dallas faces life’s daily challenges in a healthy and balanced way.

Liking Myself, 3rd Edition.Palmer,Pat,Boulden,Publishing,Weaverville, CA, 2011.

My Dad Loves Me, My Dad has a Disease. Claudia Black. Bainbridge Island, WA: MAC. 3rd Edition, Revised 2011.

My House Is Different: Kathie DiGiovanni; Hazelden InformationEducation, 1989.

Sometimes My Mom Drinks Too Much. Kenny, Kevin and Helen Krull, Raintree Children’s Books, Milwaukee, WI, 1980.

Think of Wind. Catherine Mercury. Rochester, NY: One Big Press, 1996.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me: Assertiveness for Young People, 3rd Edition. Palmer, Pat, Boulden Publishing, Weaverville, CA, 2011.

Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through a Child’s Eyes, Hope, Help, and Healing for Families, Jerry Moe, M.A., Health Communications,, 2007.

Up and Down the Mountain. Higgins, Pamela Leib, Small Horizons. Liberty Corner, NJ, 1995.

Welcome Home: A Child’s View of Alcoholism. Jance, Judith, CharlesFranklinPress, Edmonds,WA,1986.

What’s Drunk, Mama? Al-Anon family Group Headquarters; Hazelden, 1977.

When a Family is in Trouble: Children Can Cope with Grief from Drug and Alcohol Addiction., Marge Heegaard, 1996

Also helpful:

Drugs, What They Are, What They Do. Seixas, Judith S. Greenwillow Books, New York, NY, 1987.

Kit for Kids, booklet by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, available at

National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA)10920 Connecticut Ave, Suite 100 Kensington, MD 20895 1-888-554- COAS