Protection Under FMLA, Family Medical Leave Act

Are you familiar with the Family and Medical Leave Act? FMLA will help protect people with alcoholism and drug addiction who seek treatment. Whether a 28 day in patient treatment program or involvement in an outpatient program, FMLA can protect you from losing your job.

FMLA is a group health insurance coverage which provides for you or a family member. It allows qualified employees to take an unpaid leave of absence. Under FMLA, you can keep  your insurance coverage at your current rate.. You need not go in COBRA. Your employer is required to keep your health insurance coverage just the same as if you are still working.

The Family Medical Leave Act entitles you to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, but job-protected leave of absence and applies to any health condition that hinders your ability to perform your job. Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious life threatening medical conditions. Most employers are returned to their original job or at least an equivalent position with the same pay and benefits.

FMLA is used for all health conditions or family medical issues that hinder your ability to function at work. Alcoholism and drug addiction are considered serious health conditions by the American Society for Addiction Medicine. (ASAM) The chronic and progressive nature of the disease are debilitating.

Many alcoholics and drug addicts continue working in fear of losing their jobs when FMLA is the best option. Remember you cannot lose your job under FMLA. The benefit of FMLA is priceless in giving an opportunity to seek treatment and having job protection and security in the future.

Do not be dissuaded from seeking help.  Let FMLA protect you and your loved ones.