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12 Steps 12 Stories: Spiritual Messages of Recovery for Children and the Child in You

At Last. . . a Simple Answer to One of Your Greatest Challenges

How to Talk to Children about Recovery

A new resource to introduce the 12 steps of recovery to children that you, too, will throughly enjoy

Did you know Addiction is America’s number one health care and health cost problem? The effects of this disease on the entire family, community and country are considerable.

Fortunately, recent statistics state 23.5 million people with an addiction problem do enter a 12 step program in search of recovery. While this is cause for great celebration, many find it difficult to discuss this topic with children

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Counselors, Teachers, Members of the Clergy,

I’m Debra Alessandra. I’ve seen thousands of people put great effort into their personal recovery. But I couldn’t help notice how many times their children were left by themselves to make sense of the changes that came to their home.

When I read “Children are the first hurt, and the last helped” I felt compelled to do my part. As a mother, teacher, former counselor, and Prevention Specialist I have seen the effects on children and wanted to break the silence that accompanies not only addiction, but recovery.

Children who are hurt by the disease of addiction carry those effects into their teen years, early twenties and even into adulthood. The impact of this kind of stress and discomfort may lead to mental healthy problems, learning difficulties, and their own issues with addiction. 

Children need your support to understand the path of recovery

I imagine you are like most people who tell me, “I wish I could have more open communication with my child regarding recovery”, but I don’t really know where or how to begin.”

Now you can have access to an insightful and entertaining collection of stories that provide a unique way to approach the 12 steps and explore the spiritual messages in recovery

But for now I’d like to tell you what inspired me to create this book.  I am a lifelong educator. Driven by my love of children and a knack for simplifying complex issues, I have created these stories to address a need that has long been glossed over by the recovering community.

As a former drug and alcohol counselor. I found material for children about alcoholism.  The children flourished in the safety of a counseling center and felt free to express their feelings However, one day while gathered in our small group setting, Mikey said, “But what’s Mommy doing now? She still goes out at night.” “I can’t tell the difference.”

And That’s When I Made a Surprising Discovery

There were very few resources available to introduce children to the concept of recovery. Parents and caregivers were left to muddle their way, often settling in to the position. “Well, they’ll be okay. It isn’t really necessary to talk about this with them.”

Then one day while speaking to my co worker, Craig, about my endeavor, he cocked his eyebrows and said, “Don’t you think they’re too young to understand?” I looked him in the eye and responded, “Well Craig, if you had the right material wouldn’t you love to try?” He had to agree he would.

Rather than feel deterred, Craig refueled my inspiration to complete my project more than he ever realized. I felt certain that the right material presented at the right moment holds magic

So even though others said I couldn’t tackle this issue for such a young audience, I could not be stopped because I realized many people are waiting for that perfect combination of the right moment and the right material to occur

You Are Not Alone. Many families struggle to tackle this issue.

Before reading my book, many people are at a loss at how to explore the steps of recovery with children. This comment from Jackie C, a member of Al-anon, seems to sum up the predicament many families feel.

“We just felt tired and frustrated searching for ways to inform our children about recovery. They often hear me and my husband  use the slogans and talk about the steps. We regularly attend meetings, but they do not understand what we are learning. We can’t seem to find the right material or words to communicate with them about this.”

You can stop searching for ways to approach the subject of recovery with children. There is a Solution.

Yes, in the time it takes to savor a cup of coffee you could read one of the 12 stories to a child. You can turn your free time into learning time.You can enhance their sense of well being, alleviate their confusion, and begin to include them in a lifelong process of growth and development. You can be confident in your ability to share the path of recovery with children. You will be able…

  • introduce the 12 key components in a recovery based lifestyle
  • communicate on a child’s level
  • alleviate the confusion children often feel
  • encourage children to talk openly
  • share your most precious resource: Time with children

But Don’t Just Take my Word For It.

Here’s what people who are using my resource have to say

Every once in a while you come across a well crafted book that improves the lives of all who read them. I am thrilled with the dedication and commitment to excellence Debra demonstrates in her original compilation of recovery storiesKate A

12 Steps 12 Stories is an incredibly valuableresource for families, educators and other professionalsJenny W.

A delightful addition to the reading material in my own 12 step program.” Natasha
These stories have several unique features
  • Simplicity –Making it easy for your child to learn about each step
  • Brevity –Providing short segments to match their attention span
  • Variety –Exposing them to 12 lovable character to capture their imagination
  • Age-Appropriateness –Offering them spiritual material on a level they can grasp
  • Ease of Use –Enhancing the message with Follow- up questions

Many people pay the price when addiction is involved.  They say an alcoholic affects at least 4 other people. I have met literally hundreds of people, extended family members, and community members who experience the affects of someone else’s addiction.

Which One Are You?

Are you a grandparent raising their grandchild for their own child who suffers from addiction?

Are you an aunt or uncle who has stepped in to support their nieces and nephews?

Are you a sister and brother who has become involved and taken over some of the parenting responsibilities?

Are you a teacher who is not sure how to talk about addiction or soothe the transition into recovery?

Are you a member of the clergy who wanted to support your students who are struggling to make sense of the changes in their home?

Are you a counselor interested in helping the family approach recovery together?

Here’s what they have told me

“I have witnessed the pain and confusion of children living in a home afflicted by alcoholism. It is often a challenge to meet their needs. Although active addiction has its own set of challenges, children are often equally strained to grasp the attempt of their family member to recover.12 Steps 12 Stories is an impressive resource for my clients and their children.” (Patricia R:teacher)

“One of the best gifts we can give our children is to remove the veil of ignorance not only about the disease of alcoholism, but the recovery process as well” (Pastor Matt: member of clergy)

“Having access to these simple and heart opening stories has allowed me to spend quality time with my grandchildren. They can easily identify with the characters and are enchanted with the illustrations.” (Mary Angiorlis: Grandmother)

This collection of 12 stories includes:

  • Highly Relevant Educational material . . . provides new insight on an often challenging topic
  • Simplified examples of complex issues . . . alleviates confusion about recovery for children of all ages
  • A variety of humanized characters . . . adds a gentle depth of meaning to each step
  • A follow-up guide . . . promotes conversation with children and include them in the  process
  • Captivating artwork . . . offers a visual reference for your child’s imagination
  • Spiritually based material . . . helps create more inner contentment, peace and comfort in your home

If you are ready to get started please

In an effort to make sure you have all the materials you needs, I have included the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 12 free PDF coloring pages for your child (a $12.00 value)

Bonus #2 a list of 108 recovery-related websites (a $9.95 value)

Bonus #3 a self quiz for parents (Priceless)

You can be a catalyst for the comfort and security that children need

I promise if you read these stories with your children you will not only have a delightful resource to introduce and explore the 12 steps, but will improve your communication with your family and be part of the healing children need.

I am certain my book will help you

  • relax and talk with ease; stop struggling for the right words
  • grasp the simplicity of the steps; in short story format
  • share a spiritual design for living; age appropriate lessons for living


I will personally offer you a 15 minute consultation to boost your confidence and offer suggestions unique to your particular situation

Remember  “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility” Eleanor Roosevelt

Click here to get started today12 steps all characters 2Enjoy the nuggets of truth embedded in these simple and entertaining stories

For less than the cost of a movie ticket you can have a tremendous impact on your child’s future. Not only will you have hours of learning enjoyment, but quality time with the children you care about so deeply.

You could spend months or even years trying to figure out how to talk about recovery or you purchase this one-of-a-kind gift and teach your children a well proven design for living in the comfort of your own home.

I’d be honored to share my recovery based material with you if you are willing to give children the time, attention, and information they need?

Order your copy of 12 unique stories to share the spiritual messages of recovery with children 

You can make a difference

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P.S. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

P.P.S If you know anyone who might need this book, it makes a great gift.