Testimonials for 12 Steps 12 Stories

Janice Hannah-(Stuart, Florida)

12 Steps 12 Stories is an amazing book for adults and children. I have been sober 39 years and have never seen a book like this. I wish I could have had this material to share with my children when I first started my recovery. Thank you, Debra for a wonderful book.”

Janie Davis-(CPC, 12 Palms Recovery Center)

“I have always felt there was a missing piece when working with families in recovery. I was so excited when Debra contacted me with her book project. As a result of her material these captivating and unique stories,I found a great resource to expand my ability to help facilitate healing among all members of the family, alleviate confusion about the steps, and approach children in a non threatening way.”

Mary Angiorlis-(York, Pennsylvania)

“Having access to this set of captivating and unique stories, expands my ability to help the grandchildren I am raising to understand the recovery process. They are enchanted with the illustrations, can easily identify with the characters and have a keener sense of what their mother is doing to improve their lives.”

Trish Carr Executive Coach-(Trainer, Author, SpeakerExecutive President of Women’s Prosperity Network)

“The gap that exists in the recovering community for younger children will be filled with this collection of stories. I LOVE not only the idea, but I am intrigued with the execution. Each story presents the essence of the step in a small, concise manner.  Kids will easily related to these characters. The follow-up reflection will enrich their understanding and make it powerful for them personally.”

Frank S. -(Member of AA, Stuart, Florida)

“What an idea….and a calling. You are so right when you observe that the adults have the “program” to help them in recovery, but children (of alcoholics) may not have much by way of literature that explains, reassures, and even guides.”

Diane Craver-(Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

“I am thrilled to have read Ms. Alessandra’s work.  Having a parent with a substance abuse problem is chaotic and confusing for children.  When a parent gets into recovery, their life improves. Explaining this journey of recovery to your children is a sorely missing component in the literature available to children. The best way for children to assimilate new concepts is through metaphoric stories.  Ms. Alessandra’s stories deliver on both counts.  The stories are told in terms that are easy for children to understand, yet still address key issues.  This literature is a beneficial resource for not only counselors and therapists, but parents as well.  What an amazing resource to help children gain insight into a very complicated and often confusing topic.”

Amy K-(Port St. Lucie, Florida)

“These stories have provided me with great insight and support at just the right time in my life.  Thank YOU!!”

Casey Cummings-(Parent, Trustees Emeriti, The Pine School)

“Debra has an uncanny ability to present the very serious recovery concepts in a way that children will understand and enjoy. 12 Steps 12 Stories is an incredibly valuable resource for families, educators, and other professionals.”

Eileen E. Ayres-(Jensen Beach, Florida) 

12 Steps 12 Stories is an enlightening book, not only for children, but for everyone in recovery.  The characters portrayed in each story give credence to that specific step in such a charming way to delight all and open many conversations about the process. A must-read for any family in recovery.  Well done, Debra!”

Erin Madden-(LCSW,CAP,ICADC)

12 Steps 12 Stories is a delightful resource I could use with parents and children to help them explore recovery together. These stories provide age-appropriate material to children in a simple and entertaining way that is helpful to me in my practice.”

Yvonne Rodgers-(Executive Director, Narconon Eastern US)

“These beautifully written and illustrated stories provide a vital tool for parents and educators to bring conceptual understanding of the 12 Steps home to children involved in the addiction and recovery process. Debra’s passionate stand for well-functioning, sober families shines through in this masterful guide to understanding the 12 Steps at any age!”

Sarah E. Rowe, LCSW (Private Practice, Sarasota, FL) 

After working in recovery treatment for over 25 years, I finally found a book for young children that offers them a glimpse into the “Steps” of their recovering loved one.  I recommend this imaginative, educational, and thoughtful book for all.

Kudos to Ms. Alessandra for delivering this well needed resource.

Lisa McKeon (Stuart, Florida)
12 Steps 12 Stories is a excellent book for any family that has a loved one in recovery. This book contains 12 different stories whose main character demonstrates the thoughts, feelings and actions the character goes through as he works through the 12 Steps outlined in a recovery based lifestyle. I was engaged in the stories as I read the questions the author posed at the end of each chapter. Have you had a habit you could not stop like Edd the dog who kept running across the busy street? I could relate to how Johnathan the goldfish felt holding his secret! Does helping other people feel good like it does for Sahara the camel? Yes, yes and yes I found myself saying! These easy to read 12 Stories identify the thoughts and feelings typically associated with the step. The worksheets at the end of the chapter provides a place for the reader to express how they identify with those feelings. What a blessing to have a book that can help children and adults understand such a complicated subject matter!

The 12 Steps in a recovery program are the foundation for a successful life free from addiction. The 12 Steps can be difficult concepts for adults attempting to work them and yet the author has found a way to communicate these spiritually based concepts in a simple, entertaining and effective way geared specifically for children. Adults and children both can benefit from this book. I would highly recommend this book as a must have tool for families with loved ones in a recovery program.

Jennifer Amos (Port St. Lucie, FL)

My husband and I bought 12 steps 12 stories so that we could read it with our four children. We all absolutely love it. Reading together as a family is such a great way for us to teach our kids the spiritual principles behind these 12 steps. It’s also a great way for our family to bond. Its truly a blessing having this book as a tool and really helps our family greatly. We have just finished step 7 and we can’t wait to see what step 8′ s story is all about. Thank you to the author…. We love you!!!!!!

 Gayle Swift (Palm City, FL)

Debra Alessadra has written a collection of simple stories that beautifully illustrate the principles of 12 Step Recovery. From a warm. compassionate point of view, the parables show examples of each step in action. Coupled with follow up questions that further explore each step, the book is practical and easy to follow. The book is firmly presented from a spiritual perspective and a stance that surrender to a Higher Power is key to recovery. Readers of all ages can benefit from this gem.
Heather M (Jensen Beach, FL)
I am grateful to Debra for such a wonderful and inspirational addition to my library. I have shared this book with family,friends.co-workers and clients. I have enjoyed sharing it as much as reading it!!
Thanks Debra for the gift of this wonderful story.
Shawn M (Stuart, FL)
Great book, great author, great friend. Easy to read and captures the reader’s attention. Debra shares with the reader the two most important things we as humans can share with other humans and that is hope and love, especially for children.