Allowing Feelings

Allowing Feelings

When I saw this image, I thought how adorable these two children looked. I identified with her and applauded her authenticity. I loved how he didn’t seem to be phased in his efforts to capture her image.

When we feel unhappy, no outfit can mask it. A pretty dress doesn’t hide misery. 

I consider how as we get older, we learn to mask our feelings a little. No. A lot.

But they are still with us. Battling difficult feelings can be daunting. 

Children are more apt to show their feelings without censure. That’s the good news.

When we feel disgruntled, we may hold it in. Not so with children. When we feel sad, we may deny it to ourselves and others. Not so with children. 

Unless damaged by trauma, children visibly wear their feelings. All the possibilities are on full display. There’s no pretense. The good news is that when there is no pretense, feelings pass. 

They say it’s like the weather. If we allow our feelings to arise, they play out unencumbered by social pressure to conform. And like the weather, those feelings pass. 

I imagine sooner than later her feeling will pass with little remembrance of this moment.

Perhaps we can allow our children the full range of emotions without pressure to hold back.

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Just once today, try letting them have their anger, sadness, or glee without restriction.

Try it for yourself, too.

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