“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” -Rumi

How often do we think we have to be clever?

Most of us get indoctrinated into this approach to our life situations and challenges. We like to be smart and/or considered capable.

Rumi encourages us to consider whether this is an asset. Take a moment, please.

What is clever? Some synonyms include knowledgeable, brainy, capable, shrewd, intelligent, slick.

Many of us find this to be our default position.

We think surely we can muscle our way through. There’s a prominent overcoming mentality many of us hold dear.

What if you don’t have it all figured out?

It takes effort to relax into a state of not knowing. It takes strength to not know all the answers or even the questions. More often than not, we can not plan the outcome or know the bigger plan.

Perhaps we can suspend our impulse to be clever and relax into the mystery of not knowing.

It’s okay to honor the quality of wonderment and enjoy the gift of awe.

The release may be better than you imagine.

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