Challenging Conversations with Children

Challenging Conversations with Children

If you feel ready to proceed with talking to your younger children about recovery, first let me applaud your intentions.

It is a noble effort, and one not taken lightly. Our children need a little information, not an overload.

If it is short and clear, this is best.

Some children are curious. Others are disinterested. Follow their lead.

In my book, 12 Steps 12 Stories, I discuss each step in a simple manner at an age-appropriate level. The book is intended for children in the 6 – 10 age range.

A story once a week is an approach some parents have used. They read one story at an appropriate time. The included follow-up questions can lead to more discussion. This is a starting place.

For some children this is sufficient. Let them guide you by their interest or lack of interest.

The stories are merely for familiarity. I never intended for children to work the steps. I believe giving them some knowledge about the steps is helpful. This helps them know the way you are living your life in sobriety.

Some families have presented one story a month. They tell me this is what their children could take in and what they felt comfortable doing.

You will find what works best for you. Read the story prior to presenting it so you are familiar and have some ideas about how much input your children need beyond the short story.

The stories are deliberately short to hold a child’s attention span. I find the metaphorical story of each character says a lot in a few words.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions that have worked for you. And best wishes for a major win in your recovering family life.

Talking about Recovery with Children

January 29, 2021


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