Last week, I watched the Presidential debate. Much to my horror, I could not finish without exceeding my chaos quotient for the day.

What makes up chaos in your world? Is it relationship strife? Is it out-of-control children? Is it family dynamics gone awry? Is it political discord? Is it the inability to navigate challenging circumstances?

Chaos seems to be predominant in the recent news. The lack of certainty and steadiness we crave can be deeply unsettling.

The other day I picked up my grandson from daycare. He had a difficult situation with a classmate. The frustration overwhelmed his 4-year-old heart and mind.

Normalizing upsets and looking at options are helpful.

We talked about walking away as an option. Just like turning off the TV, I emphasized that he can choose not to take part. We discussed taking deep breaths. Counting to four. Using your words.

I finally labeled it as an Alexander experience. We called it a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”. He is familiar with the story. Especially the line, “Some days are like that. (even in Australia)”

All people have times when they become unnerved. There are many ways we can exercise our power of choice in these matters. Removing yourself is not a failure. It may be the success you need. This kind of self-care pays great dividends.

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