Children and Pets

Children and Pets

I recently read an article about how kids love to read to dogs. It turns out that if given the option between an adult, a classmate or a dog, children were most relaxed when reading to a dog.

I thought about the special ways dogs lend value to our lives. And other pets as well. There are lots of reasons why sharing your home with a pet is a great idea. 

Pets lower your stress level and stabilize your mood. Studies show they improve your immune system. They often bring us comfort and a sense of safety. Best of all, their companionship can be priceless. Besides being your friend, they can help you make friends.

Cuddling with a pet can soothe anxiety and ease loneliness and other emotional discomforts. This is clear with therapy dogs who help children in hospitals, the elderly in assisted living, and adults who are ill. 

Their presence brings us a sense of purpose. Their daily care strengthens our character. They teach children the value of responsibility. Having a pet helps your children access a feeling of reward when caring for a pet. Such care enhances your child’s nurturing capacities. This holds true for both girls and boys. 

Pets open our hearts in ways we can barely grasp. Suffice it to say, when we can experience the joy of caring for an animal, we will have moved forward on the emotional intelligence scale. 


February 14, 2020

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