Consider Your Energy

Consider Your Energy

Children absorb what is going on around them. Like sponges, they soak in the energy of others and the environment. They notice more than we give them credit for. They also adjust accordingly. This is especially pronounced before the age of three.

Do you remember as a child knowing when something was wrong? Could you sense how someone was feeling? Most children notice.

If the energy is positive, they thrive. If the energy feels negative, they react; often by acting out.

We think we can step in another room to argue, but they know. We think they don’t understand what we are saying, but they do. And don’t kid yourselves, children pick up on uncomfortable silence too. They sense tension, even if you’re not arguing in front of them. The unfortunate part is most children assume it’s somehow related to them. They think it’s something they’ve done to contribute to the problem.

They’re designed like that.

Let’s think about the atmosphere in our own homes. Is it stressful? Is it calm? Is it loud? Is it filled with uncertainty?

This affects children.

Even if we do not have children in our homes, please know that other people in your life pick up the energy of the environment. And pick up your energy.

Today let us ask ourselves a few important questions.

*What are the people in my circle of influence picking up from me?
*What is happening in my environment which may be unspoken?
*What can I do to feel more content?
*What might I do to emit more positive energy?

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