Everyday Influences

Everyday Influences

Children get bombarded with images, saturated in talk, and exposed to news way beyond their ability to process and oh yes, commercials. Some of us wonder why our child is on edge.

Perhaps it’s the norm, but it won’t hurt to ask ourselves if we’ve considered the impact and if it is too much for them.

I am sure you have thought about how to limit screen time and find a balance between overly permissive and overly strict parameters.

I’d like to propose we remain mindful of the exposure we just tune out or take for granted. I am referring to commercials.

One might think it’s harmless to watch sports, but next time you do, be aware of the commercials. The car chases and the violence is strong. Even if you turn the volume down, the images are intense.

Of course, on the shows designed for children, the influence is significant. Children’s shows abound with “I-want-that-too” items. Thinking you’ve missed out if you don’t have that thing now is not uncommon.

Even adults can fall into it, but commercials are more influential on children.

The other day I read that in Spain, they call advertising “la propaganda”. This is calling a spade a spade.

Next time we allow children television liberties ask yourself if you are doing them any favors.

And pay attention to the messages they get that we have learned to tune out.

Help children navigate this barrage of interruptions with straight talk. Awareness grows once you talk to them about commercials on a level they can grasp.


July 10, 2021


July 25, 2021