Eye Contact

Eye Contact

During this time of mask-wearing, our eye contact is more significant than ever.

Can you look into other people’s eyes? Are you gaze avoidant? Notice this for a spell. Who looks at you when you speak? And how much do they do so?

Perhaps as a child, you were told to look at people when they were speaking to you. Not everyone does this well. Some children look away and others even look down.

Helping children develop this skill will contribute to the depth and success of their relationships.

It’s best, however, to start by evaluating your own ability.

More opportunities arise to be conscious of each other when we improve our eye contact. Our relations are more stable and intact. Studies show we perceive people that keep reasonable eye contact as warmer and more trustworthy.

Eye contact is a way of non-verbal communication that enhances our social connections. Perhaps it’s a skill we must learn. This may not feel natural at first. You may have to put in the effort.

If you experience discomfort at first, it’s best for you to begin with the listening aspect of eye contact. Then you can expand your skills.

When you let your sincerity and confidence shine through, you will appreciate the benefits.

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