Several weeks ago I read a post by my friend Patti Locascio that captured my attention. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it put this way.

“Today, I will submit to the ‘insecurity of a changing universe’ and have faith I can live through the process and grow.”

I considered her words and looked up the word insecurity.

  1. lack of confidence, self-doubt, diffidence, unassertiveness, timidity, uncertainty, nervousness, inhibition, anxiety, worry, unease.
  2. vulnerability, defenselessness, peril, danger; instability, fragility, frailty, shakiness, unreliability.

That’s a lot of instances when we need to summon faith.

Why is it hard to remember faith as a solution? How often do I turn to faith?

When faced with a lack of confidence, do I have faith? When uncertain, do I have faith? When I am worried? When I feel vulnerable? Or nervous?

I’ve read that our brains don’t know whether we are in danger or only imagining danger. This can lead to a broken-record type syndrome. I cannot let my mind play the same record. Or let the grooves in my record get any deeper. Negative thoughts put the focus on a shortage of love.

Faith breaks the cycle.

One of the ways for me to summon faith is to recognize that I am not separate from the Universe and that the Universe is Love; only Love.

I know this challenges our perceptions when we see the horror in the world. Yet I remind myself that everything the Universe creates is for the highest good. I may not understand why or how. The unveiling may take time and retrospection. And, who knows, I may be wrong.

Yet faith helps me navigate this changing universe. It helps me face the insecurity of the changes with a little more ease.

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