Fathers & More

Fathers & More

Sunday is Father’s Day. A day to celebrate fathers & more. Some of us had wonderful fathers. Yes, inspiring men abound. If you had someone who did a fantastic job of ‘fathering’ you, soak that in today.
However, some of us did not. If you did not, let’s consider this. It’s a sad fact: some men cannot fill the shoes of fatherhood. It’s a reflection on them, not you. Not all fathers are emotionally competent, mentally stable, loving, and kind. Some are, I call it, ‘a hundred ways of unavailable’.
Fortunately, it is not only our biological fathers who influence us but a host of others who play significant roles. Perhaps for you it was a stepfather, an adoptive father, a grandfather, an uncle, a teacher, a coach, a sponsor, or a mentor. Male role models who made our world a little better. Our journey a little lighter.
Look back on the men who gave you support and encouragement. Those who provided guidance and direction. Men who led by example. Those who shared their lives with us in manners big and small.
Let us spend some time today to honor the efforts of not only fathers, but all father figures. Reflect on the job of parenting and what men shaped our lives for the better.
If you have children with absent fathers or ‘challenging’ fathers, help them broaden their understanding of this day. Remind them of other men in their lives who are important to them. Remind them that it’s not their fault if their relationship with their father is strained or uncomfortable. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. The good news is it changes over time.

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