Get on Their Level

Get on Their Level

Have you ever had a conversation with someone significantly taller than you? I know for me it is awkward. No matter how much I like the person, I can become uncomfortable with the dichotomy.

If it’s possible and available, I feel happier when we can sit together and see each other eye to eye.

I believe our children feel that way too. It’s almost unnerving to be addressed from on-high, much less receive direction.

There’s an element of intimidation. Our children feel it too.

If you wish to connect with children, it’s important that you attempt to get on their level. That means sitting with them. Playing on the floor. Being mindful of your demeanor and the positive or negative impact of your presence.

As parents and grandparents, we often provide encouragement. We let them know when we feel pleased with their behavior. And if we are displeased, this is even more important.

Let’s remain conscious of our looming height and the imposing impact we have without intention. For maximum engagement, spend a few minutes each day on their level.

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