Happy Memories

Happy Memories

This week I’d like to highlight a few things my grandson found enjoyable. Stretching my creative muscles was not only good for him, but also for me. I believe the effort we put towards happy, healthy children is worth its weight in gold. We are creating precious memories for ourselves and for them.

Here are a few things we did that you might find helpful to put in your idea basket.

We took a bath just for the heck of it. Just to play with bubbles. I put in water bottles, squirt guns, rubber ducks, mechanical fish. I suppose the fact that it was unnecessary and “just because” added to the fun.

We ate our lunch out on the patio every day last week. I laid out a blanket and towels and we ate together. The air was beautiful, and the lack of humidity for Florida was a rarity.

We learned to play a few games on the site called fun brain. His favorite so far is PIG PILE, which he loves. The goal is to get the pig down from his pile without him falling into the mud. Each item pops when you click on it and disappears. Sometimes the pig topples and splats in the mud. Earning a star or watching the pig groan and splat is equally fun. It gets successively harder as they add different items.

Speaking of pigs, Esther the Wonder Pig posts regular photos and videos on her Facebook page of the same name. There is an adorable book that further explains Esther’s life which also sparked his interest. https://amzn.to/2yIIzyX

There is a product called Kinetic Sand that is wonderful. https://amzn.to/3b9u8m9. You can get it by the bag in different colors. A kit with a carrying case and items for making the sand into different shapes is available as well. This is like having a sandbox on a table.

Last, we made foaming hand sanitizer. The pump bottles from Amazon took a while to arrive, but they were worth the wait. https://amzn.to/3e9fYmB This is the recipe. I used 1/2 cup Dr. Bonners Castile Soap, 1 cup Purified Water, 15 drops of Essential Oil of your choosing, 1 tsp fractionated coconut oil. It’s delightful. His resistance to hand-washing has decreased considerably, which is a godsend.

Stay Safe. Stay Creative. Stay Engaged.

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