This is the time of year many of us feel the ambiance of love and joy in the air. We call it the holy season. I am curious what holiness means to you.

When I think about this word, I am drawn to the words sacred and inspiring. I think of something which evokes reverence. I thought I might explore and share what I find holy and reverent.

We know the value of a gratitude list, but this is a little different.

I find my love of nature is high on the list.

The purity of new-fallen snow

The ever-changing comfort of a body of water

The majesty of trees

The evidence of mystery on a starry night

Endless cloud formations

Newborn babies are high on my list; as are toddlers who are learning new things.

Long-term connections with people with whom we have deep and abiding bonds

The comforts of a peaceful home

Beautiful music

Profound words

Centered presence

Light streaming through a stained glass window

Laughing with abandon

Cleansing tears

The mysterious depth of intelligence in animals



Breaking bread with others with whom we share a deep camaraderie

Breath: that incredible lifelong companion we all too often ignore

The tireless beating of my heart

Engaging in sincere prayer and meditation

I hope you get to spend a few moments during the rush of the holiday season to consider what you find holy in your life.







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