Inpatient Treatment Benefits

Treatment Can Boost Your Chances of Long Term Recovery

Every day thousands of American’s seek recovery from the disease of addiction. Compelled by an interwoven set of issues that are physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological in nature, Inpatient treatment addresses all these factors in a comprehensive manner.

A treatment facility allows you to be free from the distractions of work, family, and friends. One can set lurking temptations aside until recovery gains a measure of ‘hold’.  Being out of the home environment can be especially helpful if this is challenging place and a threat to maintaining sobriety.

The first phase addresses the physical aspect of addiction. The detoxification process is complex and best undertaken by experts who supervise care. Medically monitored care allow for a gradual and safe withdrawal process. Trained professionals can ensure the process is not life threatening.

Once complete the emotional, spiritual, and psychological nature of the disease can be approached. The length of time varies depending on the client’s needs, but the typical stay ranges from 28 – 45 days. As you are more than a diagnosis or a billing number, any reputable center, however, will set a unique treatment plan based on one’s individuals needs.

The structure of treatment generally involves individual and group counseling. The common goal and the positive support of counselors and fellow clients bolsters one’s recovery efforts. In the company of others and in an atmosphere of community one can fully focus on learning about addiction and recovery.

A foundation for lasting recovery can be developed when you experience the cushion of time free from the controlling aspects of addiction and participate in quality care. It is here that healing begins and healthy choices can start to take shape.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There is work to be done. When you stand in your potential and willingness to change, it is comforting to have people by your side. If you are willing to do the work, the center empowers you to find your inner strength to make the changes you want to see in your life.

Remaining drug and alcohol free is an on going process which continues for the rest of one’s life. Many treatment centers utilize a 12 step compliment to extend the effect of treatment. Connecting to a world wide group of people striving for sobriety will only enhance your recovery and help you stay on the path to a rewarding future.


**As written for Amethyst Treatment Center, Port St. Lucie, Florida**

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