Many people tell me they feel like a wet blanket has been thrown over them during this tumultuous time period. There’s a “foot on the gas and on the brake” dynamic that is depleting our energy and affects our ability to feel joy.

Yet, there are so many times throughout the day that joy is available to us if we take notice.

With a little effort, you can tap into that joy. I am not talking about the state of exuberance, I’m referring to the deep-down contentment that springs from knowing all is well.

This week I wonder about that joy. I know it is often found in the little things. For me, I like to take in some sunshine. Relax a little. Gaze at the stars. Eat with friends. Look toward the horizon. Go for a walk. Enjoy an ice pop or a refreshing glass of lemonade. Take a swim. Engage in contemplative practices. Smile at someone. Say hello to a stranger. Listen to music. Sing. Spend time with my grandson.

You get where I’m going. Please spend a few moments and consider what might bring you joy.

I encourage you to think about these little things, rather than grand events.

Cultivate a feeling of trust in the Power of the Universe and know the comfort of being cared for and cared about by that Power.

We are swimming in a pool of love. If we can settle into that notion, joy will bubble up from within us and counter all heaviness.


June 26, 2021

Everyday Influences

July 17, 2021