Many of us believe we must search for love in order to be happy. We think if we discover the perfect person to love us, all will be well. We mistakenly think love is something we get from others. This is not true.

Since we are made from the same fabric as our Creator, we, too, are love.

So rather than searching for love, we need to experience the love within ourselves and extend it out to others.

Two people who are aware of their Divine Essence can share their love. They can express love rather than hunger for love from each other.

This differs from the love we generally hear about in our cultural myths, which often present in songs.

I thought of songs with love in the title. “Give me some Lovin’,” “As Long as you Love Me,” “Your Love is My Drug,” “Addicted to Love,” “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.” I believe this makes my point

We are indoctrinated to feel unlovable on our own and cannot understand our true nature.

You don’t have to find someone to experience love. If you tap into your inner spirit, love is there all along.

Let us celebrate this realization and give more of our love away.

When people are mindful of the force of their love, the choice they make to share it is profound.

Let your children learn this before they head off with the masses in a misguided direction.

Know your capacity to love far exceeds your ability to attract love.

Once you know this truth, you can help your children to be aware of their innate love nature. Do this before they head out into the world in questing for love outside themselves to feel complete.


April 4, 2021

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April 16, 2021