My Journal A Quiet Practice

My Journal A Quiet Practice

The origins of My Journal came from my years as an elementary school teacher. My ‘Student of the Week’ program highlighted a different child each week. I watched their delight when they told me and their classmates about themselves. They shared their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and dreams.

I thought about my own childhood. My opportunity to do this began on paper, not in front of a class full of kids.

Lucky me. I had a diary.  Yet, it wasn’t quite as easy as I hoped. The tiny key locked blank pages for a while. Those blank pages filled me with fear. I wondered,

“What should I write?”

I worried, “What if I make a mistake?”

Fortunately, I overcame my hesitance. 

I am happy to report I have found great joy in my journaling over the years.

When I created My Journal A Quiet Practice, I wanted to give young children a short break from the activities of the day. I also tried to make their first experience easy. I knew a fun format would encourage their creativity and self-reflection.

I wanted to give them an opportunity to receive the same benefits I have enjoyed. To get them started, I included guided prompts. I knew they would be helpful.

It’s not too early to start a journal practice. In the beginning, you may need to help them move through the activities. Over time, they can find their own creative expression.

It is my hope this beginning experience will help your child fall in love with journal writing.

P.S. Adult friends of mine found these prompts worthy of their consideration.

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