Raising Grandchildren

Raising Grandchildren

I held a spectator view for a good many years while my closest friend struggled to raise her grandchildren. Lots of things happened which led up to this situation. I prefer not to be specific. I’m sure you can imagine. Most curious folk deduct perhaps addiction is the root cause. At times it is the result of poverty or homelessness. Maybe the parent suffers from mental illness or is incarcerated. All kinds of stressors affect parents and children are left in the crossfire. Simply put raising grandchildren is a huge undertaking.

I joined her in a few heartfelt prayers for school-age to arrive. The relief of a few hours off during the day dangled in front of her whispering inklings of freedom and a few well needed moments of relaxation.

When the day arrived that all three of them were in school I was privy to the results. “I had to take them off the bus” surprised me. The other kids make fun of them saying, “You live with your grandma.” This taunting broke my heart.

I went to bed that evening thinking about the children and the battle they would fight to make their situation more positive and tolerable.  I wanted them to know that circumstances happen beyond their control. How they came to be in the care of someone other than their biological parent is not a reflection of their worth or their inherent value. I wanted to stress how fortunate they were to land in the care of someone who loves them dearly. That is worth celebrating.

Amber taps into her strength and is fueled by the deep and abiding hope from those who love her. We all do. I imagine we all know a person or two who have gone out of their way to brighten our lives. Who has helped us with the right word at the right time or the best actions for our needs? Who has helped us carry on in the face of an unexpected life? Don’t we all have a bit of unexpected in life?

The answer continues to be and always has been the love of others which helps us move forward, achieve a measure of success,  and tap into our resilient nature. May this story speak to your heart and resonate with the bigger human drive … to make peace with our circumstances and to find a little love in our hearts.

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