Releasing Concerns

Releasing Concerns

Last week I felt blocked on multiple levels. Things are still up in the air in terms of a resolution, but I feel calmer.

I have learned to trust in a good outcome. I imagine all is well in the end. I repeat the mantra. “All is well. All is well. I trust the process.”

I also find it helpful to get quiet and ask for the best solution I need for this issue. Contemplative prayer works to direct my thinking toward a bigger picture.

Then I try not to release my concern, although I must admit, this is often a challenge.

When I strive to remain calm and receptive, I can trust myself to hear better the best course of action. I give my problem over to be worked out. I know it may be my small thinking that keeps my focus narrow. This is often a recipe for discomfort.

I want to talk about a God Box. If you don’t have one, please consider this a helpful tool in order to release whatever attachment you have in terms of a resolution to your problem. A box of your choosing, decorated in whatever way you’d like, (or not) can be a genuine treasure.

Writing the issue on a piece of paper and putting it in the box is an action that allows us to let go. It’s a simple act that helps us to stop trying to figure it all out. We can refrain from trying to manage the future.

A similar vessel is a bowl. After you write the issue down, you put it in the bowl and burn it. Somehow there is great satisfaction in this gesture and helps to make a tangible demonstration of our intentions.

Things may not turn out the way we hoped, but in the long run, be in our best interest. This is because we have offered it up to a Higher Power to manage for us. Then we can put our energy to better use. Better use than trying to plan an outcome that suits us.

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