There is an inherent rhythm to our universe. We have the rhythm of the seasons, months, and days to name a few.

Certain patterns and tempos in our lives are followed whether purposefully or without deep forethought. After all, when we feel scattered, with no sense of flow, it is unpleasant.

So it is with children. Rather than using the word schedule, I prefer to use the word rhythm. Children need our help to establish a rhythm for themselves and with you.

Children need a sense of predictability. They enjoy knowing what comes next.
If you provide regular bedtime, chores, meals, and play, your life as a parent will be especially enjoyable. They will deeply benefit.

When children have this kind of safety, they flourish. As a bonus, they listen better.

Some children need a prompt a few minutes before a transition. “Okay, honey, we are going to eat dinner soon.” Or “We will put away the toys in a few minutes.” This kind of forethought pays off for them and you.

Rather than having a battle, there is ease.

Depending on the age of your child, singing is a positive, soothing way to speak to them.

Singing elicits a sense of cooperation. It lands softer than commands.

You don’t have to say a lot of no’s.

Think about the structure of your days and your weeks. Some children know Friday night is family movie night or Saturday is a day for the park. This is a weekly rhythm they can grasp.

Seasonally, children know we do x,y, and z in the winter and we do other things in summer. You get where I am going.

Consider the rhythms that soothe your life and help children avail themselves of this lovely way of living.

Helping Children's Anxiety

March 21, 2021


April 4, 2021