Strength in Recovery

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Strength is not always what we think. Sometimes strength is standing firm in our faith that all things are presented to us as gifts for our personal growth.

What words come to mind when you hear the word strength? Do you imagine backbone, resilience, grit or toughness? Perhaps you think of power or force?

Our bodies can become stronger. Our minds can be strengthened. Our hearts grow strong as well. All attempts to build strength take time and effort. When we work our bodies, results appear. When we work our minds, we can measure the evidence. Our hearts, however, hold a barometer of their own. Challenges and difficulties can serve to stretch our ability to grow and change.

We often believe if we barge our problems headlong we can overcome any adversity that befalls us. We may exert pressure or force: to no avail. Sitting in the seat of powerlessness may not be many people’s cup of tea. But sometimes it’s served up, whether asked for or not. And if you’re thirsty enough you drink from that cup.

The universe has a way of giving us opportunities to grow through times of uncertainty and pain. At times we can not exert sufficient will-power to overcome our difficulties.

We’ve all experienced circumstances which remained uncomfortable, even dare I say unbearable on some level for way longer than we wanted. Be it ill health, mourning, personal crisis, or just plain delay, we yearn for the discomfort to pass.

A friend of mine often said, “Understanding is usually the boobie prize.” For the longest time, I didn’t really understand his point. Today I do.

Sometimes we believe our understanding will make things more bearable. We think if we figure things out, our situation will be more palatable. Unfortunately, we may not understand the root of our stress and struggle while we are in the middle of it. More often than not, the passing of time reveals to us the deeper meaning.

We often look back and comprehend more. We see how in the grand scheme of things, everything makes sense. Perhaps we were forced to turn in a new direction. One we wouldn’t have chosen, but one far better than anything we could have planned. Perhaps we were molded into a person of greater character.

The way of strength may involve waiting, Sometimes strength involves breathing in and out, taking one step at a time, even when the way is unclear.

Seek divine guidance and tap the wellspring of strength which abides in your heart and know everything you need comes at the perfect time. Not before, not after.



November 7, 2018

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