The Magic of Roots and Stars

The Magic of Roots and Stars

I created The Magic of Roots and Stars A Tale of Strength and Hope for children who live with someone other than their biological mother. I tailored it toward children positively impacted by their grandparents and the growing population of grandparents raising grandchildren.

One day my dear friend made an impactful comment. She stepped up to raise her addict daughter’s three children. They were 1, 3, and 5 years old when she took them into her care. She is a modern-day hero. (Yes, I’ve occasionally told her to adjust her halo)

Back to her remark.

As the children reached school age, she told me she had to drive them to school because the other kids made fun of them; chanting on the bus, “You live with your grandma.”

My heart hurt. I wanted to add a little pride and self-esteem to their lives. I wanted them to know it’s okay to be different and to stand tall in their circumstances.

My deep affection for trees and the powerful evidence of their resilience made a good match for this story to come to life.

As the damages of addiction play out across the land, grandparents raising grandchildren are increasingly more common. This story shows the capacity we all possess to overcome adversity. It also confirms the stunning beauty of our efforts to do so.

Children find comfort in the story of Amber, the seed pod, who makes peace with her unexpected life. How to make peace with life on life’s terms is a broader, universal struggle. Acceptance of  ‘what is ’  is key to a happy and contented life.

It is a tale of courage and fortitude. It celebrates the resilience and bravery of children. One reader described it as, “A tender story of not only surviving but thriving in the company of those who love us,”

I offer my story as a reminder of the value of love and support we receive as we navigate this journey of life.  Grandparents can be that source of strength and hope children need.

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