The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You

I created The Wonder of You because I could not contain my excitement during my daughter’s pregnancy. I thought my heart might burst while we waited.  I knew this excitement was not unique to me.

My book captures this universal experience for two audiences: the mother-to-be and the child when he or she can grasp the message.

It allowed me to express the palpable anticipation of meeting our new family treasure. I made the verse rhyme because it best expressed my joy.

Expectant mothers enjoy the sentiments embedded in The Wonder of You. This book and a teddy bear make a perfect shower gift and honor the impending arrival of any child.

An overview of my 4 books would be incomplete without adding a footnote. 

Yes, there’s another book in the birthing process.

P.S. I apologize for the glitch in my last blog. I’d like to address this in my next post which will be about perfectionism and how we can help children and ourselves when (not if) we make mistakes.

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