Thought Diversity

Thought Diversity

Last week, I read an interesting phrase that caught my attention. The term was “thought diversity”. I don’t recall hearing those words in that combination. I considered what it might mean to me and how it might play out in my life.

How much do I allow others to hold their position? Express thoughts that conflict with my own? Listen to varying points of view? Embrace opposing thoughts and opinions?

I must admit I prefer to mingle with people who have similar views of the world and their life. As much as I’d like to say I am open-minded, I would kid myself and you. I doubt I am alone.

Most of us want the camaraderie of those who share our point of view. Yet, people hold a never-ending combination of perspectives and mindsets.

How might acknowledging thought diversity improve our lives?

Learning to tolerate others who oppose our position is a challenge. No doubt a challenge worth tackling.

I imagine we may experience a greater sense of freedom. We would generate greater compassion as we increase our level of tolerance. Perhaps then we could forge a deeper connection with our brothers and sisters.

We are many and varied. We need not all agree.

The only thing worth agreeing on is that you can be yourself as I am myself. Your thoughts may not match my thoughts. They do not have to. I base them on my life experiences as you do yours.

I believe this image captures my intention for this blog.

We are individual buds on the branches of the same tree. Unique unto ourselves and innately connected.

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