Threshold Moments

Threshold Moments

The word threshold stood out to me today, and I thought it was a concept I’d like to explore. When we reach a threshold, something changes.

Much has changed already, but the future holds more changes. As a collective, we are living through a tremendous threshold moment. Maybe more like moments.

For a newlywed couple, the threshold is significant. Leading up to a marriage, perhaps one considers their life so far and reflects on the upcoming changes. With eager anticipation, we do not dwell on what we leave behind. Instead, we look forward to fresh changes. We welcome a new path.

Still, there is a letting go that must take place. For we cannot yet imagine what the future holds, but realize the potential for radical changes.

Perhaps now is not a point in time when you can mark the start or the end with a distinct line of demarcation like that of a threshold. We may understand it better in hindsight.

The line is not the same for everyone, but we can sense we are working through a major shift. Things cannot be the same. Some of us are closer than others.

Let us pause and acknowledge the moment. Instead of rushing headlong across the threshold, maybe we can linger.

Then put in the time to concentrate not so much on what we are letting go of, but what we are letting in.

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