Have you ever experienced a more profound reset in your lifetime?

This is uncharted territory we are navigating.

I am curious how you remain even a little composed during these unprecedented times.

Call me Pollyanna, but I believe there is some room for optimism as we stabilize in this new normal.

I am trying to look at the plus of being in our own homes.  

We are getting creative in our efforts to connect. Those with children are getting more ideas for their comfort and care. We are prioritizing our own personal needs and the needs of our neighbors and the needs of the planet.

We are oddly being asked to be alone more, yet work for a common good.

Perhaps the ‘me’-ness of the world is coming to a grand halt.

When I consider how a little village in China has grown to affect the entire world, it reinforces how interconnected we are. It is humans who made the borders and distinctions. The separations.  

Here’s the message. We are drops in the ocean of humanity. We are all one.

With that, we can take comfort.

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