Word of the Year

Word of the Year

Years ago, I started a tradition of coming up with a “Word of the Year”. This word would be an anchor during times of complexity or uncertainty. The word became a moral compass to guide me through times of upset and good times as well.

I tried to find the original concept but I could not. I recall the author saying that your word was something to work with, to live by, to embody.

Words contain energy. They hold images and personal meaning.

When we embrace our word on a daily basis, it is a powerful way to set our intention and maintain inner clarity.

We often set goals for a new year. I ask you to consider your word and then make those goals based on the word you are choosing.

Here are a few to consider:


The list is endless.

Once you settle on your word of the year, you can help your children with this exercise.

Knowing their age and circumstances helps you give them a few options. Limit this to ten at the most. Their word needs to be geared toward their level. Use words like friendliness, kindness, playfulness, fun, focus etc.

Let them pick their word from the list. Remember the word for them. Then from time to time check in on them. If they need some direction, you might mention it and see if it is helpful to them.

Make it fun. For extra reinforcement, put their word somewhere for them to see. Have it on the refrigerator or in a frame in the bedroom. Even a post-it-note on the bathroom mirror can have impact.

What works for children can work for you as well.

Spend a little alone time in the next week to access your word of the year.

You will be glad you did.

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