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12 steps 12 stories

12 Steps 12 Stories is an enjoyable and helpful children’s book which provides those involved in recovery with a fresh new resource to use when approaching the younger members of their family. A valuable tool with a strong spiritual emphasis for families to explore and enjoy together, these 12 stories will assist parents, grandparents, relatives, counselors, therapists, and members of the clergy to begin to discuss the spiritual principles behind the steps. Based on the proven success of Alcoholics Anonymous, this simple and inspiring book offers age-appropriate stories to coincide with each step in the twelve step recovery process. Included after each story is a follow-up guide to encourage additional conversation and exploration. These stories help children understand the nature of the changes in their home that accompany recovery in a language they can grasp. True prevention work begins by reaching out to young children of alcoholics in an effort to avoid continuing the family legacy and generational issues of addiction.

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My Journal

A whimsical and charmingly illustrated journal designed to help your child explore his or her life in a fun and creative way. Full of great ideas to spark their thought process.

Guided prompts encourage introspection. You can collaborate with your child to complete their very first journal. A page or two at a time and before you know it they’ve created a true keepsake. One you and your child will treasure for years to come.

Children who acquire a habit of self reflection understand themselves better, have improved mental health, and emotional balance.

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The Magic of Roots and Stars

The Magic of Roots and Stars A Tale of Strength and Hope is a beautifully illustrated and engaging story to share with the growing number of children who live with someone other than their biological mother.

Follow the journey of Amber, the seed pod, as she navigates her unique set of challenges to find a deep sense of peace and a well-earned measure of happiness in the simple place she calls home.

Under the canopy of stars Amber learns great lessons of love, peace, and strength all while living the extraordinary life of an ordinary beech tree.

For it is the transformative power of love that helps children grow and tap into a rare combination of resilience and fortitude in the face of an unexpected life.

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The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You captures the universal anticipation and excitement of a new family member. This book contributes to the unconditional love and acceptance children need to build a firm foundation for a successful adult life.

Each delightful verse affirms the joy and excitement the family experiences before the birth of a baby.

Adding this book to your collection will contribute to your child’s mental and emotional well being, and delight any mother to be.

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