The Magic of Roots and Stars

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The Magic of Roots and Stars A Tale of Strength and Hope is a beautifully illustrated and engaging story to share with the growing number of children who live with someone other than their biological mother.

Follow the journey of Amber, the seed pod, as she navigates her unique set of challenges to find a deep sense of peace and a well-earned measure of happiness in the simple place she calls home.

Under the canopy of stars Amber learns great lessons of love, peace, and strength all while living the extraordinary life of an ordinary beech tree.

For it is the transformative power of love that helps children grow and tap into a rare combination of resilience and fortitude in the face of an unexpected life.


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Debra Alessandra


16 reviews for The Magic of Roots and Stars

  1. wetfeet

    This is a beautiful book in so many ways, colorful paintings/illustrations, a compassionate kind perspective, a journey into connection with the world which supports and nourishes us, a reminder calling us home. What a wonderful story to curl up with a child and read together and share the moment! We need more of this!

  2. Jayne D. Johnson

    Beautifully written. A must for children and adolescents who struggle with identity as a result of parents who have been unable to be there.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Beautifully written and moving read. Highly recommend for children and adults alike!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great book, with a wonderful meaning. I loved the illustrations.

  5. Judith A. Dykstra

    Such a well done & beautiful quick read. I think this should be on reading lists of folks whether they’re adopting or they are the adopted. It leaves the reader with strength & positivity!

  6. Amazon Customer

    WOW – BRAVO TO THE AUTHOR FOR TACKLING SUCH A SENSITIVE SUBJECT AND HANDLING IT SO WELL. Shows her experience with feelings and children – a great message for us all.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful story with a strong (really good) message. Loved the art work!

  8. Diane

    I am a licensed therapist working with children from all sorts of homes, being raised by loving family members. This book is an inspiration for those children and I look forward to sharing it with my clients. Bravo, Debra Alessandra!

  9. Lynette

    This book was easy to read with vivid imagery. The illustrations are beautiful and I found the characters to be interesting and well developed.

  10. Jennifer

    Beautiful illustration!

  11. Carole Eilenberg, LCSW

    A captivating and heartwarming tale for children of any age. Not only very well written but also beautifully illustrated. Both for the eyes and soul. I would say if you are a grandparent or raising a child that is not directly yours, this is a must-read. As a psychotherapist I see many blended families looking for guidance in helping to integrate the child into the “unexpected” family. This book speaks from both the child’s perception as well as the perspective of the “parent”

  12. Nancy Baquet

    My heart opened up with every word I read and every page I turned. The illustrations are like music to the eyes. This beautifully written book will give hope to all who can relate, whether being in a similar situation or knowing people that are struggling with their situation.

  13. Janie

    So I have to say, this book took me by surprise, it grabbed at my heartstrings because of how I related to this incredible story. I was raised by my grandmother and she made me see that I am special the way I am. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that I can accept who I was meant to be. The magic of roots and stars just reminded me of the strength I have within to grow because I will not forget where my roots came from. No matter what obstacles I’ve been through I prevail. I am happy where I came from, even though it was tough sometimes. Thank you, Debra Alessandra, your book has inspired me to remember that I am important and deserve to be happy.

  14. peggypollice

    The Magic of Roots and Stars is a beautifully written and illustrated book about grandparent(s) (or someone other than a parent) raising children. I could really relate to the story and I would recommend this book to anyone raising children that are not their own. Lovely Book!

  15. doctorjwm

    The book begins with a quote from Carl Sagan “Deep down in the molecular heart of life the trees and we are essentially identical” Written for children who are being raised by person(s) other than their parents, this book, using the analogy of a beech tree, beautifully develops the theme that, over time, love and nurturing can become acceptable no matter where it comes from. The sadness of not being raised by a parent is presented but done in such a way as to make grief a natural feeling but a feeling that, in the end, can be overcome with feelings of self-worth and appreciation for those who stepped in to care for them. An important book for children from age 4 on as well as for their caregivers. Easy to read with lovely illustrations on each page. Helpful ideas for questions and considerations follow the story.

    Dr.J. Meldau, Ed.D.

  16. Tucker N

    This is an outstanding story that is both appropriate and timely. I find it to be a story of courage and acceptance in action.

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