This has been a tough time for many of the people I know, and for me as well.

It has me thinking about the nature of our choices.

Some decisions press us to choose our future course of action faster than we desire.

Perhaps neither option looks good, but we have to take some action and we know we must choose from the deepest level of our being.

I like to remind myself and you that there are no right and wrong decisions. I prefer to think of them as favorable and not so favorable. I consider whether they are helpful and/or hurtful. Yes, of course, it is impossible to see into the future, but these parameters are worth considering.

Choices force us to choose a path that is not one we would prefer. Yet, it is the only one that makes sense to us, even when it is hard. We have a powerful inner voice that tells us what is right for us.

Let that voice be the guiding factor. It never steers us too far off our intended future growth.

I find this to be true after many years of having decision anxiety. I often remained stuck with thoughts like, “What if I make the wrong decision? What if I can’t go back if I want to?”

Fear of making the wrong choice can be debilitating.

Over the years, I learned to move through these resistant thoughts. I learned to handle the fear. The good news is, I have noticed a pattern. I emerge better after making a choice.

Another bonus feature of making a choice is that when it comes to decisions you can always re-decide. Nothing is forever. Do the best you can with the choices you make. Let them play out and reevaluate. If an alternative makes more sense, you will know.

Your judgment is reliable. The key is to get quiet and listen.

Choice is a powerful gift we have at our disposal. If it is honest, helpful, and the best you know, for now, this is a good measuring stick.

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