Carry On

Carry On

Sometimes all that’s left to do is “Carry on”. I love this expression because it suggests forward movement even when things feel constricted or blocked.

Moving through circumstances that are challenging takes a mix of effort and lack of effort. There’s a balance point between the two.

Some days are memorable in a good way. Others for the lesson we learn.

A few days ago, someone stole my car. The funny thing is, I still looked for the car when it was not where I left it. It’s like my brain couldn’t quite compute the reality of it vanishing into thin air.

Yes, it was open. Yes, the keys were in it. Oh yeah, it was crazy, and the aftermath was uproarious.

Police reports, crime scene investigations, reconfigured key fob, new bank account, switching all the auto payments and deductions, key replacements, credit cards. It felt like the day would never end.

None of it compares to knowing my grandson cried because, clearly, I couldn’t take him to breakfast as planned.

During times like these, I find The Serenity Prayer to be helpful. Talking to people who care and do not pass judgment is soothing. Remembering to be aware of my breath. Repeating the mantra, “All is well.” Realizing that putting one foot in front of the other and moving through hard things can be the best one can hope for. And at some point, I try to look for the good.

The good news is the police recovered the car. Better yet, it was not damaged. Trust me, I will no longer assume Tucker locked the car. I will do the thing we know to do but sometimes fail to accomplish. I will copy my cards and gather the important phone numbers in case of another epic fail.

Children need to know a few coping skills when their world has a sudden unexpected crisis. Help them learn from it and remind them not to beat themselves up because none of us are perfect and mistakes abound. Let them know it’s how we handle ourselves that really makes a difference.

And, yes, sometimes the best we can do is merely “Carry on”.

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