Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Perhaps you have wondered where I’ve been. One of the many things that have happened in my world as of late includes the addition of a new family member. I’d like you to meet Rosa Amora Olivia Alessandra, commonly known as Rosey. Her breed is Coton de Tulear.

She is like having a newborn baby. This is one reason for my lack of focus in some of my previous routines. She requires lots of time, energy, and effort from me, but she is worth every second. My heart is much fuller since her arrival.

A new pet is like a new baby. Part of her potty training means we are out in the yard at 2 in the morning. The special food she loves has me cooking turkey meatloaf in muffin tins like she’s a princess. Finally, the behavior milestones like sit and stay means we are up past our bedtimes doing local puppy training classes.

I find it somewhat funny that I entitled my last post, “With Freedom Comes Responsibility”. This has been the case with her.

This photograph is a gift from her groomer after her first haircut. Can you spell adorable?

I will tell you more next week. In the meantime, we’d like to wish you a Happy Halloween.

Freedom and Responsibility

September 19, 2021