Celestial Grace

Celestial Grace

This image was captured by NASA on Dec 14, 2020. It is the recent eclipse seen in the southern hemisphere. There are more celestial events in store in our near future.

When two planets align, this is quite significant. Jupter and Saturn are aligning in something called a conjunction.

Many people claim the three wise men were astrologers. The star they followed is still undetermined. Some say it was Venus. Others say it was this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.

Look to the southwest after sunset. You will see this conjunction with the naked eye. If you have a telescope, it will be even more magnificent. It was pretty powerful last night, but every day until December 21st, they will get closer and closer together. Brighter and brighter.

Children who may not otherwise notice the night sky will marvel at this beautiful display.

Our universe has a rhythm and has cycles. Some are as short as a day. Others last for years. Then, of course, some cycles extend for centuries and ages.

The winter solstice is a turning point in our yearly cycle. One that celebrates the increase in light and the length of each day. Having this conjunction on the same day as the solstice is exceptionally rare and positive.

Enjoy the lights. Drive slowly through some neighborhoods and soak them in. Light up your home. Best of all, find the light in your heart and fill it with gladness.

May your holidays feel extra special this year and know that it is exceptional on many levels. From the heavens above and from my heart to yours, I wish you peace and joy in the new year.

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