A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new website. All my materials are now available on one site. I have changed the name to Inspiring Messages for Children  (www.InspiringMessagesforChildren.com) You can also find me at (www.DebraAlessandra.com)

After completing this stage of the process, I reflect on how each completion is, in fact, a new beginning.

With so much information in the world, it helps to consider who we connect with, listen to, and learn from. There is a banquet of resources, subjects and sources, social media platforms, and streaming. Technological advances abound.

In all these options we seem to have lost the luxury of time. How many of us are squeezing the information we gather into mere seconds and minutes? It’s an epidemic. Swipe left, scroll faster, delete.

I am interested in how information becomes knowledge and better yet wisdom.

I find it takes more time to assimilate wisdom and knowledge. It might mean we stop a moment and digest what we are learning. Snippets of data mean little if we cannot integrate those parts into our lives.

In our busy lives maybe we could take a moment to read, ponder, and integrate some new ideas, some old ideas, and best of all slow down. Perhaps, like an inviting cup of coffee or tea, I’d like to appreciate the stages of warm-up, simmer, percolate and enjoy the final creation.

I’d like to inspire you and your children to be greater than you think possible. I’d like to offer ideas for empowering children and yourselves as well. And I’d like to inspire the child in you.

My intention is to limit my sharing to 300 words. I hope you take this walk with me. I hope we learn from each other. I offer my hand, a listening ear, and my heart.

I look forward to connecting.

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