The Nature of Change

The Nature of Change

Every New Year

As the new year comes upon us, many of us focus on what we’d like to change in our selves. We consider facets of our lives like our health, our relationships, our work, our finances.

Some of our more ingrained patterns of behavior may scream for deeper examination. Some may also require a significant overhaul. Often once we decide to be different we are inclined to set off and ‘make it happen’.

We in AA know have had a different experience and know our plans can be what we tell God to make him laugh. Even our plans to change for the better. Because we recognize our idea of ‘better’ may not be best for us at this time.

My Experience

I describe the end of my drinking as an experience I call being ‘struck sober’. I was not aware of the deeper longing within me. The right moment came and ‘voila’. All the ingredients for a profound shift and life-altering change occurred.

My first Big Book passed around the room for members to sign. My sponsor wrote, “Sobriety without change seldom lasts.” I felt curious. Was I to make changes or allow for change? She explained one was forcing my will, the other was a surrendering

I thought back on the moment I yearned for sobriety. At the time it seemed to come from outside me, but in retrospect, I see this moment differently.  I had been unhappy with my drinking, unhappy with my behavior, unhappy emotionally, spiritually yearning for more. I was ripe for a transformation.

I believe the change was a gift born of wanting something better. I had a higher calling and purpose longing to be lived. Best of all I had the willingness to learn a new way of life. Mine had clearly veered off track.

We always ask for change on some level. Whether we are aware of it or not, the change we experience is the out-picturing of a deeper longing. Sometimes it appears change happens to us. But at some level, it is always a fulfilling of our heart’s desire.

Who’s Timing?

As we make plans for change around the new year, let us remember, we are not in charge of the timing. We can rarely ‘will’ a change, but we can allow for a change. By setting our intentions. By getting clearer about our wishes and dreams. By allowing the Universe to work its magic. We stay open-minded and aware. By embracing.

If we uncover and examine the wishes and dreams unique to our personal path and our highest good. We can set the course, but we must remember we best not navigate solo. We have a divine partner, a Higher Power, a Spirit of the Universe, a Source, God; call it what you will.

We are partners in this thing called life. The more we remain aware of our relationship with our Higher Power and our deeper Life, the more changes come without forcing. Changes flow, We stay present and know if we seek guidance, we will be gently steered by a Loving God who wants only for our best.

May the new year fulfill your heart’s desires and gently move you on your journey of transformation.


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