With God All Things Are Possible

With God All Things Are Possible

Early in sobriety, I purchased the only bumper sticker I ever owned which read, “With God All Things Are Possible.” I am sure I read this statement before, but it made little impression on me. But, I had reached a point of desperation sufficient to pressure me into seeking a relationship with the God of my understanding: a key ingredient in my recovery.

I held tight to the power of this statement and I trusted these words contained a nugget of truth I had been blind to in the past. They brought me to hope for a better future and motivated me to reach for more than I thought possible. I imagined a stronger relationship with a Power greater than myself: One who worked in my life. I sensed I might overcome the cloud of negativity and gloom I carried within me for so long. I knew I did not want to be sober and miserable.

This hope meant long-term sobriety was possible for me. I grew to believe that if others accomplished time in sobriety, so could I. Along with sobriety, I believed the possibility existed for me to be happy, experience a measure of joy, and enjoy a sense of freedom others claimed for themselves.

My sponsor encouraged and supported me in my recovery efforts. The guidance and tools she shared with me set me on my new path and have continued to ‘steady’ me throughout the years. I loved when she would say, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’”

I realized over time a few important life principles. One of importance was what I tell myself becomes myself. To be more deliberate and intentional in my thoughts and actions took work. Better feelings followed. I stopped chasing ‘happy’ and sought more truth and ‘right’ actions. Over time, I worked all twelve steps. I continued to rely on the notion of possibilities to pave the way for my new and liberated life.

In sobriety, I now live my life from a different mindset. A shift in perspective helped me experience this universe as friendly and supportive.

Today I realize I am a choice-maker. For in every moment, an abundance of choices are at my disposal. I ask God to help me recognize my choices and guide my decisions. I want to live in harmony with that still small voice within me and work in partnership with God. For in this partnership my fear diminishes and my level of trust grows. I trust God to do his part and I do my part.

Today I continue to explore who I am and stay connected to the God of my understanding and my truest self. There is no end to the delight in that. Embracing my journey in recovery doesn’t mean no lessons and challenges exist, for these continue as long as I am alive. The wonderful part of these life circumstances is that teachers, mentors, guides, and meaningful experiences appear that move me forward and help me continue to grow and change.

As I try to shift into the potential of each situation, I ask others to help me. They help me and see what is not available when I am lost. They help me expand my options. When I remember to take the time to notice what comes along the way, I also find I hear or read messages that directly speak to my circumstances. Gems known as coincidence appear.

Through marriages and divorces, deaths and births, wealth and poverty, deep heartache and mad confusion I have stayed sober. I fretted and worried, to no avail. I’ve remained wrapped up in my self, and emotionally all over the map from time to time. Through all of life’s challenges, I find God can heal and change me if I ask and stay willing to be changed. I have a sense of well being even in the midst of the storms life brings. Amazing things can occur. Radical change is available. Possibilities continue to be endless.

God works in powerful ways in the lives of so many improbable candidates. I know. I am one. Today I hope my life is solid evidence of this truth: “With God All Things Are Possible”.


February 7, 2019

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