Creating a Vision Board with Children

Creating a vision board with your child or children is a fun activity for you and your child or children to do together. A vision board serves as a key reminder of what they consider good and desirable. These creations help your child set their intentions and clarify their goals in a tangible and visible way. Many positive results will come from your efforts.

To begin, you need to collect magazines. You can ask friends and neighbors to pass their magazines along. Don’t forget your local library, doctors’ offices, and thrift stores as well. An assorted and sufficient supply is key.

Next, purchase a poster board, or use large sheets of construction paper. A glue stick works well for the clippings. Many people like to use a corkboard and thumbtacks in order to change the images when desired.

Some people like to concentrate on finding words or pictures. Others like a more formal method. Do what suits your child’s disposition.

You can use a format similar to the bagua of the feng-shui masters if you like. This would involve making a tic-tac-toe pattern on the poster board. Each of the nine sections becomes a category of focus. With some adjustment, these different sections could help provide a well-rounded board for you and your child. The areas you may want to explore are Relationships and Friendships, Career or School, Helpful People, Wisdom and Learning, Health, Family and Community, Creativity, Entertainment, and Good Fortune.

Many people learn to create their board on the internet. You can use the unlimited images on google images to capture the magic of your own creation. You can also make your images as a screen saver. Some people believe that seeing your vision board with regularity yields wonderful results.

Play fun music while you rummage through images and words. Try not to wonder “How” something might occur. It is not time for asking “How can this happen?” or “How can I possibly have that?” It is a time to dream and dream big. You never know what the future holds and what good awaits. The universe has a way of orchestrating situations and events. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise when you recognize how your wishes manifest once some clarity of vision is established.

Enjoy your time together. Make a special treat like popcorn or frozen yogurt. Be sure to create your own board. We can send a powerful message. It’s okay to stretch the limits of your day to day life. It’s okay to strive for more. We are always growing and expanding into better versions of ourselves and all God intended us to be.


“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”-Dalai Lama

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