Spending Time with Children

“Cherish each moment with your children for you can never bring back their childhood.”-Author Unknown

Parents often search for ideas to make a difference in the lives of their children. One of the best gifts a parent can give any child is the gift of time. With today’s busy schedules, time is a valuable commodity. Even children are aware of this. The time they spend with you one-on-one means the world to them. Set aside time to just “be” with your child.

This special time together helps to establish a deeper connection between you. In their eyes, they are valued enough to be the center of your attention during the time you plan. This action can immediately boost your child’s self-esteem. They feel reassured of their value to you.

One way you can make this time meaningful is by engaging in an activity you both enjoy. A perfect choice for this time might be a creative art project you work on together. Even if the child is older, the joy of expressing themselves in an art form can free their spirit. You could each work on a separate paper or canvas or work on one together. Be sure to let the child be free to be creative even if it is not your artistic style. All artwork is special and unique to the person who created it. You can combine your own artistry to the piece without infringing on each other’s style.

As the child begins to experience the freedom of the project, the conversation can flow. If you sense the child’s weariness to communicate, don’t push them, let them have their space. Be mindful of your child’s thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge and validate their perspective. You will find the more time you make for one-on-one activities, the more the communication gap between you will lessen. Give your child the gift of time and give the process time too.

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