Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

Do you know, there is no problem that does not carry the solution within it? We hold a wisdom that is greater than any circumstance. We may wish to relay this truth to children.

To break this concept down to a child’s level, pick a situation to explore together. Say they are struggling with friendships, schoolwork, chores, siblings or other family dynamics… The list goes on.

Help them see that if this were not happening, there would be no need to grow or change. Without this problem they might not recognize how strong they are, how determined, or how resilient. They might not learn important life lessons.

One example I like to share with children is the idea that when we experience a problem, we can change our minds about it. We can see it differently.

We can present this shift in perspective as a person hanging upside down and looking at something from a different angle. Ask questions like the following:

How might that person see it?
What might they do?
Is there something you might tell them that could be helpful?

Then see how they can apply this to themselves and their own situation.

If your children are too young for this approach, use people they
know. Questions like, “How do you think Aunt Sarah would feel in this situation?” or “What would Grandpa do?”

Then consider how the situation might look when resolved.
“How might it feel after this problem is solved? or “How will things be better?”

Life is a series of challenges. We can look at change as positive or negative. If you are a person who resists change or feels uncomfortable when the status quo gets rocked, it is important to put some effort into trusting the Universe. This means trusting yourself. Trusting in a good outcome and working toward some vision of overcoming.

Since this involves searching within, shifting perspectives, and being still, resolutions unfold in ways you could never imagine.

Notice and celebrate even the slightest hint of resolution. Stay with your children through their process to notice and celebrate with them.

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