The Benefits of Sober Living

The Benefits of Sober Living

Congratulations on completing treatment for substance abuse. As part of a continuum of care, you might be advised to move into a sober living facility. The structure of a sober house is a smart decision. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends at least ninety days for maximum benefit. The typical length of the day is often longer.

As you continue to grow mentally, socially, and spiritually, a sober living house can provide the comfort and stability you need. This home is a place to navigate early recovery, free from the dangers of previous surroundings and circumstances.

Not all sober living facilities are created equal. Yes, any person who wants to stay sober can do so under any and all conditions, but caution is prudent. When considering where you might live, a bit of investigation helps you choose the best place for you. If you can speak to one or two clients you can get a sense of the overall climate and mindset of the residents. A safe, caring environment is critical to your success. That being said, a well-run house supports sustained recovery and helps.

Search for a place where you can develop a strong network of support and avoid ‘using’

friends – A place where you have opportunities to work the tools of recovery in the company of others who are integrating and applying spiritual principles in their daily lives as well. Best of all you gain access to people you can turn to when relapse triggers occur. This kind of support is key to maintaining a sober lifestyle.

A well managed and ethical facility will strive to be alcohol and drug-free at all times. This helps reinforce your good intentions, Moreover, it means a general emphasis on 12 step group attendance prevails. Out-patient programs are encouraged as well.

Sober houses are overseen by managers or owners. Each develops and enforces the house rules. A healthy home allows the residents’ input into the functioning of the house. Weekly meetings seek to address specific issues and clients are empowered to seek solutions together when needed.

The perfect home allows for more gradual freedom within the structure of a few simple routines. Such routines may include participating in household chores, compliance with house rules, volunteering activities, or job responsibilities. All created to help you better prepare to function in society.

A good sober living house can offer you the right mix of freedom and responsibility. Expect to be treated with dignity and respect while you grow in new ways and discover your true potential.

To stay sober, find meaningful work, and learn how to be in healthy and productive relationships are key benefits to staying in a sober environment. You can return to your family, friends, and community as a more fully functional person better prepared to maintain and, best of all, enjoy your recovery based lifestyle.

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