Let’s Go on an Adventure

Let’s Go on an Adventure

When is the last time you went somewhere new? We are often creatures of habit. We may go to the same places because we find comfort in the familiar. We sit in the same chair. We go to the same restaurants. We walk a certain path.

But stepping outside your comfort zone is invigorating and expands your world.

Until I traveled to Bali and India, I did not truly appreciate the complexity and depth of other cultures.

Although going to an airplane destination may not be an option, smaller trips of cultural or educational importance are available. You can take yourself on a date. A date with something new, somewhere previously unknown, or something you haven’t done for a while.

A new park. A museum. A quaint shop. A small bookstore. A stargazing expedition. A monthly date with the full moon. A new hiking path. An ice cream cone.

See what you see. Hear what you hear. Appreciate what is new. Take in the surroundings. Enjoy the people and circumstances.

An adventure is worth taking. It helps us break out of our routines, which may have become stale over time.

Children love when you use the word adventure. Everything is an adventure to them. Isn’t it time to change things up and do something different?

For no reason in particular; just because.

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